Test Kona Sutra 2020

How to get equipped for bike touring ? This is a fair question.

We’ve been three to travel on bikes from Stockholm to Nordkapp. And before leaving we had the same question. What bikes and what packing ? How can we plan what kind of roads we’ll have to pass ? While cycling through Scandinavia, we met some cyclists that answered the problem on different ways. From very light packing to long-term and comfort travel. From racing bikes to robust ones. So you’d rather first be sure that there’s no unique solution.

Nonetheless you have some solutions that appear to be more versatile than others. This is what I’m about to tell you with the Kona Sutra 2020.

Large tires
When preparing the trip, we first thought about racing bikes with very thin tires. But when talking with FixMyBike, they advised us the Kona Sutra which is equipped with relatively large ones. And this has been super helpful on gravel roads we had to cross. But also when searching for a place to camp overnight. We were sure that we could go anywhere and this is a major relief when you travel in the unknown. It also has to be said that in spite of their size, the tires were very well adapted for asphalt roads and proved to be definitely efficient. This solution appeared to be the very best balance for bike touring and adventure. And after 3000km, the tires still looked surprisingly brand new.

Solid frame, good weight
The frame is made out of steel, which makes the bike exceptionally long lasting. Despite this, the bike remains surprisingly light and is totally adapted for both long and short journeys. This frame is simple, light, robust and reliable. And this is all you need when you are bike-touring. Its geometry (and particularly the handlebar) is also very convenient for
long journeys since you can have various comfortable positions with good efficiency.

3*10 Speed
Unlike the Kona Sutra LTD and Kona Rove ST, the Kona Sutra is equipped with 3*10 speeds. This classic configuration gives you every possible bracket you’ll need. The shift levers are placed at the very end of the handle bar instead of under the brake levers. These old-fashioned handles proved to be very convenient, but it took me 2-3 days to get used to it. This system is often used by bikepackers thanks to its easy maintenance and reliability. But be careful when leaving the bike against a wall, or you’ll scratch them. Anyway, this looks like the most long-lasting solution one can find.

Mechanical brakes
The Kona Sutra is equipped with disc-brakes. This has been helpful considering some steep section we had to cross and the load we had on the bikes. These brakes are mechanic. This might not look as recent and efficient as having a hydraulic system. But when travelling, cables are much more convenient since you can replace them and change the settings. Hydraulic systems are much more complex to replace and fix when
anything happens. The disc-brakes themselves proved to be reliable and well adapted.

Any configuration possible
One can have any packing configuration on the bikes. The simple tube-frame makes every attach possible : front or back bags, frame bag, handle bag, saddle bag. You can even fix a lock or a bottle under the frame. With all these possibilities, we concluded that this bike can be equipped for speed-touring as much as for tourist-touring.

Considering that :
⁃ we had very good performance on both hard-gravel and asphalt roads
⁃ one could use the bike for commuting, one-day trip or long journeys
⁃ one can have any packing system on the bike

We can resume the Kona Sutra 2020 with this word : versatility.

Among the Kona models I would say that the Kona Sutra is the most adapted for bike- touring since it’s very easy to repair and fix anything on the bike. Nonetheless, on 3000km we almost had no problems with the bikes and didn’t really need to fix them. Which is very convenient for long journeys.

Have a long sweet ride !

Manu – @em.rudelle

Test Kona Sutra LTD 2020

A bike you can trust!

The Kona Sutra LTD is just like a good friend ! It’s reliable, always ready to travel with you, and it gives you lifelong memories !

I’ve been trying the 2020 model across Scandinavia with 2 friends of the “ToTheNorth” team. 3117km to go from Stockholm to the Northcape, traveling through beautiful Scandinavian landscapes, gravel, asphalt and trails.  After such a ride on the bike, a word comes to my mind : versatility.

It kept on surprising me the whole way ! Not only because it is reliable, but also comfortable, sustainable, resistant and good-looking ! Whatever the path, whatever the weather and whatever the hill, it always has something good to offer.

A defining feature is its wide tires (700×50), that allow you to ride properly even on the steepest cliffs of Höga Kusten National Park. They were the tires needed, we couldn’t have ridden the Swedish gravel paths we rode with thin road tires. And guess what : No pinched tire over 3000km ! (which is really honorable given the way we used them) 

A comfortable rocket

The firsts weeks of the trip were mainly on gravel roads, but once we started riding in southern Lapland leaving the Baltic sea coast behind us, landscapes evolved : we had a lot more asphalt roads. And here comes its surprising comfort ! I would forget I was riding a bike, feel like I was only dreaming about Lapland beauty and wilderness without providing any efforts. Not only because the geometry of the bike is very decent, but the wide handlebar and the steel-made frame are helping. The overall position is stable, just like on a mountain bike, and it is efficient, just like a road bike ☺ ! My panniers and handlebar bag weight was almost imperceptible !  I believe this comfort is a big key to enjoy a long trip.


It needs no maintenance

30 days of pleasure ! If you’re like me, and that you’d rather have mechanical issues at home than on a 1 month trip, maybe this bike is for you ! On 30 days of bike, I haven’t had any issue on my bike : the only mechanics I had to work with were moving my brake caliper a little after 20 days to avoid this noise we all know. But other than that, the fact you have no front shifter but only a rear one, plus the SRAM rival system that’s resistant and easy to use / tinker with makes the bike very trustworthy.

If you go on a 1 month trip, just bring a good multitool and feel safe and confident ! Anyway Fixmybike does a crazy work on the bikes so that they run without a hitch ! 

I would probably recommend to a friend to take the Kona Sutra or Rove ST model if he goes on a very long trip : the hydraulic brakes of the Sutra LTD are not easy to adjust on the road, whether you can just pull the cable of the Rove ST and the Sutra if you want tougher brakes. My two fellows were able to do that with their Kona bikes ! I was kind of jealous.

On the other hand, the Kona Sutra LTD has this great advantage over the Sutra with the single chainring (36t). The wide range 11s cassette 10-42 compensates well the versatility of the 3×8 gears on the Sutra (heavier equipment).


And lasts long

You can use your Kona for several trips as it stays on excellent condition after several hours riding. The Venture tires and the whole transmission were surprisingly persevered after over 3000km. It’s resistant and sustainable. 


So that you can enjoy your journey

The 2020th model has a pure style, with a sober and discreet color, a simple frame and a light but also athletic silhouette. I believe it is also important that the design corresponds to what you’re expecting to ride, as you’re spending hours on and next to it. 

Its minimalistic design matches quite well the bike-touring spirit where you only take what’s needed and you bring no superficial belongings. There’s a certain sleekness in the overall design, so I was never bored of looking at it and maintaining it. 

After a month testing the Kona Sutra LTD 2020, difficult to leave my new friend ! There’s a little headline on the headset cap that says ‘long sweet ride’, after looking at it for more than 138 hours, I feel like I understand what they meant when designing it.

The only advice I’d be worthy of giving you is to go and try it ! But make sure not to succumb to its charm ! ☺

A few infos about me. I am 1m93 (6ft4) and 80 kilos (175 lbs), took the 58 size that was perfect for me !

Tom Clouaire – @tomrmbd



Test Kona Rove ST 2020

The best comfort for the best efficiency

To complete my journey from Stockholm to North Cape within a month, I needed a reliable and comfortable bike able to overcome all types of surfaces with easy maintenance. I benefited from FixMyBike advices and got a KONA ROVE ST 2020 which I really loved. Here is my report of the bike. 

The route

The roads from Stockholm to North Cape are quite varied. Therefore, I had the opportunity to test the bike on asphalt, gravel roads, MTB trails and even sand. I also used it on flat and steep sections. Though I got lucky with the weather, I still rode muddy trails under the rain. Hence, the conditions in which I used the bike during a month make the test I propose quite exhaustive. Thankfully, I did not have to ride under the snow !

Travel set up

The bike provides many attachments for panniers racks, water bottle cages, etc so that you have multiple options for your setups. To complete this journey through Scandinavia, I chose to use a rear pannier rack with 2 rear panniers. I completed it with a frame bag and a handlebar bag. Finally, I used 2 water bottle cages on the down tube. Also, I used mudguards. As you can see, I was pretty loaded but the bike easily made me forget the extra weight. In case of need, I still had some space to fix stuffs on the fork and under the down tube. 


The bike


Remaining loyal to Kona’s reputation, this bike is reliable. The steel frame, unlike carbon and aluminium, is very strong and easily fixable in case you break it (which I doubt you can). The performances of the bike are also remarkable. I’m  used to ride carbon bikes, and I struggled to find differences (despite the weight), which means a lot ! On top of that, I find the design pretty cool. The round tubes make the bike vintage while the painting makes it sober and the little details (aztek graphics on the inside of the fork) young and fashioned. Finally, the bright and varnished paint helps protecting the bike from scratches and rust.


The reliable SRAM Rival transmission is a real pro and makes this bike even more durable. No matter the conditions (sand, mud, etc), you can rely on the transmission. In a month of use, I never had any problem. The choice of having 1×11 gearing a good idea according to me. Indeed, it provides a linear gearing and reduces mechanicals (no deraileur, no things go wrong). The gear range (40×11-42) is very wide. However, depending on how you use the bike, you may want to have a bigger chainring. The actual gearing is ok for steep climbs.


TRP brakes are also a pro of the bike. Even if they are mechanical, the dual piston system provides a precise clamping force on both sides of the disc. Once again, even avid cyclists could not find any differences with hydraulic brakes. Finally, the easy maintenance of mechanical brakes makes these TRP brakes a good choice for bike touring.

Wheels and tyres

The asymmetric wheels permit to compensate the misalignment due to disc brakes. The axes can’t be removed without an allen key which is good if you let your bike in the streets. However, think about having a multitool in your pocket when you go riding. You may need it in case of puncture ! The WTB Venture 47 tyres provide the needed grip and comfort for gravel roads and MTB trails. On asphalt, the tyres are doing great and you don’t feel like wasting energy. Furthermore, they are really resistant : after 3000km, I didn’t get any puncture and the tyres are still good to use. The wheels and tyres are tubeless-compatible (which I didn’t test).


As an avid MTB and road cyclist, I have to say that I am particularly impressed by this bike that combines both MTB and road qualities. On one hand the bike is really comfortable and manageable on trails. On the other, the reactivity and efficiency of the bike are valuable and make the bike enjoyable to use. On top of that, after a lot of hours on the saddle (around 7 per day), I can assure you that this bike is the most comfortable I ever tried. Even if the bike is loaded, you’ll forget the extra weight so that you feel like on a “normal” bike.


As you may understood, I really liked the KONA ROVE ST 2020 ! To me, this is the perfect polyvalent bike to have. You can use it as gravel bike, MTB bike as long as the trails remain basic, road bike, commuter bike and travel bike. This bike is really reliable where everything can easily be adjusted and fixed.

Loïc – @loloock


Smakprov Orbea Rallon M10

Idag var det dags för provturen på den helt nya Orbea Rallon M10! Inte så mycket fart än så länge då jag hade 15-20cm att jobba med, men man känner sig hemma redan på hojen. Lätt trampad, stabil och skön, jag ser fram emot våren!

Orbea Rallon M10 har vi som testcykel i butiken i storlek XL. De är rätt små i storlek, XL passar bra till dig som är över 180cm.

Orbea hos Fix my Bike!

Nu är det officiellt! Utöver Kona börjar vi ett samarbete med den spanska Orbea som tillverkar bland annat fantastiska elcyklar och mountain bikes! Följande cykeln, Rallon M10 har vi redan i butiken som testcykel! För 45000:- får du en aggressiv kolfiberram, Fox 36 gaffel samt, SRAM GX Eagle 1×12 växelsystem och mycket mer! Och vacker är den också!! Välkommen in för provcykling!

Test Kona Rove ST 2017

Iain köpte en Kona Rove ST 2017 hos oss den 16e september och planerade att cykla hem från butiken. Iain bor i Skåne 🙂 Han skrev ett test om cykeln när dem 631km var avklarade. Här finns testet, på engelska:



When you own 8 bikes – but you only need one

x = n + 1 (minus n)

So the formula goes. How many bikes you need (x) is equal to how many you have today (n), plus 1 more. Always one more. No discussion ;-)…

With 3 racers, a TT bike, a fixie, a commuter ride, a 26” MTB and a 29” MTB propping up various parts of my house and garage I obviously needed a new bike. Something suitable for all road surfaces (especially gravel), sturdy, comfortable, low maintenance, ideal for touring and flexible when it comes to tyre width. In other words a bike that could do everything that my existing fleet couldn’t.

Some internet browsing, various recommendations from friends and my own personal taste led me to the KONA range and specifically to the 2017 model of their steel framed Rove ST model. On all points it looked like it fit the bill, as well as being a great looking bike. So the only question was where to get my hands on one.

Support your LBS

It didn’t take long to find the most competitive price on the web, with a combo bike-shop/online retailer from the UK offering the best deal including shipping to me in Älmhult in Southern Sweden. However if we all only bought from foreign online retailers then who’d fix our bikes when they needed some love and attention? So I kept looking to see if I could find a Swedish bike shop who offered KONA. Seems like there’s only one – “Fixmybike” in Stockholm over 600 kms away – but what better way to support your “local” bike shop than to call them up, reserve the bike and pick it up and ride it home? Sounded like a plan!

Huge cred to Yoann at Fixmybike. The bike was ready for me when I arrived off the early morning train from Älmhult to Stockholm. In addition to the standard bike he quickly helped me accessorise it with pedals, a mini-pump, “blade” rear mud-guard with built in light, bottle cages and a couple of spare tubes. I was on the road within about 20 minutes, after a quick test spin around the block and a slight saddle height adjustment. All that for a price more than 1000 Sek cheaper than buying online (enough to cover my train fare & 3 nights hostelling on the way

The route

I planned a route which followed the smallest roads possible, with as much gravel and forest road as I could find – whilst always following a “reasonable” route generally in the right direction. If you route plan on Google then the recommended route is 472 kms by car or 526 kms by cycle. My route turned out to be 631 kms of which 160 kms was varying degrees of gravel (hard-packed mud, loose small gravel, loose stones, grassy forest trails) and the rest was mainly minor paved country roads and lanes. It’s fair to say I got to test the bike on a wide spectrum of surfaces, with the exception of more technical forest trails.

The ride

I’ve never felt so sure about a bike so quickly! Talk about love at first ride…

We’ll start with the fit & comfort. As far as fit is concerned the geometry of the KONA frames means that you probably feel most comfortable on a frame that has lower numbers than you’re used to. I normally ride a 56cm or even a 57cm road bike – but the 54 (M/L) KONA was perfect. Then the comfort you get from a steel frame doesn’t need any explanation from me but just to emphasise it – I rode 8-10 hours per day for 4 days and did not have the slightest ache or pain anywhere on my body. Nothing. That’s what I mean by comfort!

The handling

Handling. This bike handles like a dream. I didn’t over-do it on the baggage front, but I’m a pretty heavy rider so I can only assume the experience would have been similar for an average rider with more baggage.

On the flat paved roads you could almost forget you’re not on a pure road bike. Everything is smooth and balanced and you feel you’re getting a pretty good speed for your effort. But this bike isn’t designed for straight flat paved roads. On the loose gravel – even on really fast winding downhills – I felt in total control and could ride pretty aggressively at high speed. I never hesitated if I had to quickly divert to avoid a pothole or switch track for whatever reason.

Gearing. The SRAM Rival 1×11 spd drivetrain (40t chainring & 11-42 cassette) never missed a beat on the whole trip. I found this to be an ideal gearing spectrum – able to keep pedalling at a reasonable cadence at speeds over 50kph on the fast downhills whilst having the 40/42 ratio to make it up even the steepest loose gravel climbs.

Brakes. The TRP Spyre C mechanical disc brakes are apparently a new development for 2017’s model, with the braking pressure being applied from both sides of the disc. That’s where my technical knowledge reaches it’s limit. All I know is the brakes well both smooth and/or responsive as necessary.

Tyres. Seems like the Clement X’Plor MS0 Tubeless 700x36c’s are absolutely bulletproof. I really put them to the test as some of the gravel sections were quite large sharp stones but checking the tyres treads and walls at the end of the trip you’d think they just came out the packet. Great thing about the bike is the flexibility on tyre choice. You can stick a pair or slick 23mm race tyres on – or you can go all the way up to full MTB winter tyres.


I think I found my dream bike. 631kms of pure cycling pleasure in 4 days and if it wasn’t for a mild feeling of fatigue I’d be out on it again today after arriving home yesterday evening.

Top marks for service also to the guys at Fixmybike in Stockholm and kudos for stocking such a great brand of bike.

Now I just need to work out why I’ve got so many bikes….

@riojarouleur 2016-09-19



Magic Lördag hos Fix my Bike!

Fix my Bike fyller snart 6 år, det är snart Jul och hösten är otrolig fin för att vara Sverige. Det räcker för oss för att organisera den första Magic Lördag hos Fix my Bike!

Från kl.10 lördag 12 December och fram till kl.15 kommer vi att köra med sinnessjuka erbjudanden med bland annat:

  • Upp till 40% rabatt på Kona cyklar 2015 och tidigare årsmodell
  • 10% rabatt på alla Kona cyklar 2016, även beställningar
  • 10% på alla Bromptoncyklar och 15% på Brompton originaltillbehör
  • Upp till 50% rabatt på tillbehör
  • Och mycket mycket mer…

Utöver kanonpriser kommer vi också att bjuda på glögg, öl, snacks och en bra stund med oss för att snacka cykel och annat.

Följ oss på Instagram @fixmybike före lördag 12 december! Vi kommer att lotta ut en Instagram följare lördag kl.14 som kommer att vinna ett presentkort på 1000:-!

Grupptest med oss i Hellas gården den 1 juli

Sommaren verkar äntligen vara här! Det tänkte vi på Fix My Bike fira med en cykelkväll tillsammans med er!
Ni kommer att kunna hyra cyklar av oss till det vanliga priset 500 kronor, skillnaden denna gång är att våran medarbetare Alexander (killen på bilden), tidigare svensk mästare och landslags cyklist i Downhill kommer vara er guide för kvällen!

Alex 1
Datum är satt till 1/7 kl 16, där vi åker från butiken ut till Hellas gården! Här ser du vilka cyklar du kommer att testa!

Minsta antal platser är 3 och Max 5 – Kontakta oss via telefon (086434558) eller mejl (info@fixmybike.se) för att boka plats!

Väl mött

Fix My Bike gänget

Jesper testade Processen 111… och Downhill i Järvsö!

20141004_134343-576x1024I Järvsö var det förvisso säsongsavslutning inför vintersäsongen, men för mig var det PREMIÄR för att cykla Downhill… Och vilken premiär sen…

Att man i ”mogen” ålder kan börja köra Downhill på cykel är underbart!

Jag har åkt en del skidor genom åren och vistats vintertid i en miljö med liftar och pister av olika svårighetsgrad. Att kunna göra samma sak under andra delar av året, fast på cykel istället för skidor, öppnar upp helt nya möjligheter. Det var en fantastisk upplevelse!

Det hela började en fredag i början av oktober. Vi packade bilen och släpet med 5 stycken av nästa säsongs (2015) fulldämpade Kona cyklar och begav oss mot Hälsingland och Järvsö JBP. Integralhjälmen och skidglasögonen var också med. Övriga skydd fanns att hyra på plats.

Nästa morgon var det äntligen dags… I strålande sol gjorde vi först en noggrann genomgång av cyklarna, pedaler skruvades på, sadlar justerades och däck pumpades med rätt tryck m.m. Även dämpningen gicks igenom och justerades. Jag blev tilldelad en Kona Process 153 DL med 27,5 tums hjul.

Sedan var det dags att rulla ner mot liftstationen och prova ut skydd och skaffa liftkort. Jag fick flashbacks från ungdomen då jag spelade lite ishockey.

Man har skydd nästan överallt, det kändes tryggt när jag tittade upp mot backarna där vi skulle åka…

Och nu börjar äventyret! Att åka tvåsitsig sittlift och samtidigt få med sig sin cykel…

Med något höjd puls närmade jag mig liften och fick förklarat hur det skulle gå till, även liftpersonalen fick veta att det var första gången för mig… Och min knallgröna cykel var med, den skulle få hänga på två krokar vid sidan av sitsen… Och det gick bra!

Cykeln och jag klarade även av att kliva av när vi nått toppen…

Så var det dags att påbörja färden ner. Systemet i Järvsö är uppbyggt ungefär på samma sätt som pisterna i en slalombacke d.v.s. det är olika svårighetsgrader. Största skillnaden är att här kör man mer i skogen. Jag började såklart med den lättaste leden, ”Monica” (Grön). Känslan av att rulla utför slingrande, böljande skogsstigar är svår att beskriva. Det måste upplevas!

Vartefter jag blev säkrare på cykeln så vågade jag så småningom testa lite svårare leder. Det var hela tiden nya utmaningar, med doserade kurvor och ibland lite mer tekniska partier. Inte helt enkelt såklart för en nybörjare, men otroligt kul. När det var dags för lunch var jag genomsvettig och överlycklig. Vi fortsatte sen tills liften stängde…

Nästa morgon var det dags att testa en annan cykel. Låt mig presentera min nya bästis:

Kona Process 111 (2015), med 29 tums hjul. Jag kände mig förvisso lite säkrare i sadeln efter en dags träning, men upplevde ändå en skillnad i hur cykeln reagerade i backarna. I mitt tycke kändes den mer förlåtande för en nybörjare, speciellt när man kör över stockar och stenar samt i de branta partierna.

Sånt här handlar givetvis om personligt tycke och smak men för mig kändes den perfekt och vi kom riktigt bra överens! Detta innebar att jag vågade ta ut svängarna ytterligare och ge mig på lite svårare leder. Från den gröna ”Monica” till de lite svårare, blåa, ”Barbro” och ”Manolito” m.fl. Speciellt ”Manolito” var en utmaning då den var ganska teknisk. Men på tredje försöket så klarade jag den utan att stanna upp. Och var supernöjd!

Nästa år blir det förhoppningsvis även de röda lederna och någon gång i framtiden kanske en svart…

Slutligen: Att cykla Downhill är något jag verkligen kan rekommendera, och Järvsö JBP var perfekt då det fanns leder som passar alla. Från nybörjare som jag själv, till de mest avancerade.

Nu längtar jag bara till våren då de öppnar igen!

Vi testade Kona Process 111 och Process 153 DL i Järvsö

Hela Fix my Bike gäng var i Järvsö på avstängningshelg i oktober. Vi kom ditt med ett antal Kona cyklar, bland annat 2 Process 111 och en Process 153 DL 2015. Det var riktigt skojigt och vi måste säga att Kona enduro cyklar är bland de vassaste och roligaste mountain bikes som finns just nu

Watch and enjoy!

Kona Precept In Da Wood

Cykelsäsongen har äntligen startad och vi provar att ta lite tid för att provcykla våra nya MTB. Vi var mycket nyfikna på den nya Kona Precept. En heldämpad med vettiga komponenter för ca 12000:-, vi undrade hur den skulle bli i skogen. Vi körde ganska hårt som vi brukar och jag kan säga att vi var mycket väl överraskade.

Kona Precept


Cykeln är välkonstruerad och reagera mycket bra på tekniska stigar. Den känns mycket aggressiv och får en VG uppför, snabb och lättrullad.

För det priset behövde Kona kompromissa på vissa delar. Vi tyckte att hydrauliska skivbromsar Tektro skulle bli den första sak att uppgradera. De fungerar bra med saknas lite power om man attackerar nedför.

Man får ändå en otrolig rolig cykel för priset, perfekt för Hellas och liknande områden. Även för en nybörjare är den lätt att komma igång med. Ett mycket bra val för dig som inte vill spendera hur mycket som helst på en MTB men ändå har höga krav.



Igår kväll cyklade jag hem, som vanligt, och som vanligt hade jag ingen extra slang med mig. Och det som skulle nångång hända plötsligt hände. Punka..  Inget så spännande, jag fick bara gå hem istället, även om jag är själv cykelmekaniker klarar jag inte att laga en punktering utan verktyg och laggningskit eller slang.

20131203_192713 (800x600)Efter 20 minuter att gå i mörkret stannade en cyklist, utan tvekan bättre utrustad än jag, och vänligt frågade om jag hade långt hem. – Njaa, 4 – 5 kilometer..

Då ska du väl få en slang av mig och kunna cykla hem!

And here is the magic! Spontant hjälp! Man är inte van längre att träffa såna människor mitt på natten. Lite solidaritet finns och det känns mycket bra!

Stor Tack igen för hjälpen och jag blev mycket inspirerad att ändra mitt beteende när jag ser andra som har det på nåt sätt svårt med en cykel.


Vi är alltid glada att höra av våra kunder, och ännu mer när cyklarna vi sålde används mycket. Tobias som köpte en Kona Ute och sen en Kona MinUte berättar att han kör mindre än 20 mil/månad med bilen sedan han skaffade sig cyklarna. Mycket roligt att höra och i bonus fick vi en mycket fin bild av cykeln med sonen på pakethållare 😀

Kona Ute

Har du också bilder av dig cyklande eller av din cykel kan du jättegärna mejla oss. Vi publicerar och ser till att andra blir sugna att cykla mer!